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Let’s Talk About Hot Sauce.

It seems sensible to talk about hot sauce in these blogs, at least some of the time. So let’s, but not my hot sauce! Crazy I hear you say? Well, maybe.

last week my wife’s grandfather was clearing his kitchen and giving (pushing!) all of his herbs and spices on his rack towards our open arms. Amoung the haul was a little bottle of Tabasco, hardly used, in its box, ready for us to take, which we did, thank you very much.

So far so what you might say, but this wasn’t any old bottle of the famous red stuff. Later in the week I opened it up, looked fine, smelt good, tasted great - and then I saw the sell by date - March 1998!

This was vintage stuff, 23 years old, and perfectly, deliciously consumable. What a great product that proves Tabasco really is.

My only parting comment to my readers is that if you do buy a bottle of my wonderful Lockdown Sauce, you don't take 23 years to use it!

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