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Heated Issues

What more can we do for both our local environment and more widely, our planet? This is another question that really comes from a previous post around seasons - we take the cycles of nature for granted so heavily what would happen if one day they were to irreversibly change, or disappear forever?

We can all obviously do the small things, recycle, re-use, repair, reduce waste, change or reduce packaging on our consumable items, but we need to look and think bigger. Government and businesses need to invest, prioritise and take action. Of course none of this is groundbreaking, we all know this, so maybe some pioneering game changers are needed to create some momentum.

I will always pledge that here at TLSC we will go above and beyond to adhere to these values, and I will communicate with you regularly and honestly on our progress. in the meantime - think big, act small, and keep smiling!


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