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Hot Friends

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

I think it’s fair to start this blog acknowledging the really difficult times we all find ourselves in. Ana and I have four children and although it was a rare occurrence pre Covid, we did occasionally book a babysitter and head off out on a weekend evening to see our friends.

Do you remember meeting at 8pm outside Wagamama’s, or the Kings Head (insert favourite pub name here), and eating Asian, Spanish, Indian, Italian food, whatever, and heading home just before midnight to pay the babysitter and slump into bed?

This weeks blog is dedicated to those families up and down the country who we love and miss and who persistently remind me with photos of them using Lockdown Sauce on all their wonderful creations.

Worth a mention directly is Stephen and Marta, who send me the most marvellous photos of the homemade pizzas they create, appropriately sprinkled with some love, spice and hot sauce. I cannot wait until the day in the near future when Ana and I visit them for some pizza and fun.

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