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BBQ Break 😞

Whilst historically I have been known to BBQ in all weathers, snow included, I have to admit that last weekend was so damp, so miserable and so grey I couldn’t bring myself to light the coals. Sounds familiar?

This of course didn’t mean I didn’t cook (!), I was just positioned in the kitchen rather than the garden. With the rain hitting the windows and bouncing off the roof I attempted to recreate summer from the oven - hot sticky chicken thighs with a lemon and rosemary crust, juicy Orzo with sun dried tomatoes and olives, a salad picked from the garden and a couple of beers from the fridge!

With a bit of luck we‘ll all be out in the gardens, parks and beaches soon enough, and I’ll be posting some videos and blogs on recipes that will keep your tastebuds tingling.

Stay dry and keep smiling y’all.


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