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How Far We’ve Come

The Lockdown Sauce Co. came to life in early 2020 during a period which will be etched in our collective memories forever.

Making chilli sauce with my children over those hot spring days during our first lockdown was a welcome distraction, we experimented, we laughed, and we got there. A hot sauce I believe to be just about right, I can’t wait for you to try it! 

Welcome to a quick review on where we are with The Lockdown Sauce Company, our planned next steps and crucially, an update on the level of investment we need to execute our plans. We have made good progress during 2021, some of our key milestones are listed below:

  • The Continued development of the website

  • Development of a second signature sauce, a Green Pepper Hot Sauce

  • Weekly blog posts covering current topics and recipes ideas

  • A podcast introducing the business to our customers

  • Video recipe ideas and tutorials

  • Discussions with, and the final selection of, a trusted food production business to partner with (the hard bit!).

After many conversations and speaking to multiple potential producers, we have created the opportunity to move the business to the next level of production - from a home kitchen produced hot sauce, to a selection of hot sauces. For an investment of £6000 we can have three flavour profiles (Signature Hot, Mild Green Pepper, Smoky Nora Hot Sauce) professionally developed, tested, labelled, bottled and ready for production. This will provide us with some of the finished, bottled product, to take to potential resellers of the sauces, with additional production of bottles priced TBC.

Per my introduction to this note, we need your help! Our original intentions were to fund this wholly ourselves, however due to many factors and the current environment that most of you reading this are aware of, we require a level of help from friends and family. Any contribution big or small! We really believe in our brand and product and hope you can help us move to the next stage! We would like to provide our lockdown fund members with our sauce first as and when we have it. Watch this space!

We are very happy to provide further detail or answers to questions, one area worth exploring may be potential tax benefits and reliefs when investing in speculative new businesses in the UK - I can send over some useful links if needed.

We have now set up a GoFundMe page to accept contributions and can’t wait to speak with you all. We are hugely excited, and want you to join us on this journey!

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